About Us

Karo Farming Solutions has a passion for farming and an innovative approach to farmland management. Lead by our Chairman who worked for more than ten years as a commercial director for one of the country’s largest distributors of agricultural machinery and with more than twenty years experience in farm management. Our team understands the needs of farmers, landowners and food industry demands and has extensive knowledge of Lithuanian farming.

Our consultants liaise with landowners who are looking for advice about maximizing the profitability of their land and are interested in joint ventures and sharing ideas. Our philosophy is focused on networking and working together with like-minded people.

Worldwide Network

Karo Farming Solutions has a network of contacts from around the world including Europe, Russia and South America. We regularly liaise with our partners about farming trends and techniques to help bring the latest methods to Lithuania.

Sustainable Farming

Our passion is to have a positive impact and maintain sustainable farming so future generations can benefit from the land. We aim to increase productivity and efficiency from the farmland that we manage whilst maintaining a social conscience.